Office & Factory Fit Outs

Does your relocation present unique or additional challenges?

We’re specialists when it comes to office and warehouse relocation but we particularly relish projects that are little more complex. You may be relocating your labratory or require the transfer of high value, large or delicate goods – either way we’re ready to help.

We have access to both the resources and the expertise from over 15 years in the industry to manage a seamless transition. Relocation Projects will be with you every step of the way, coordinating your relocation and minimising any disruption to your business operations.

Fully risk managed

Every service that we offer is completely risk managed. we log and mitigate risks through the project.

Budget and timescales

We apply strict agreed budgetary controls to each aspect of the project and can work with the tightest of timescales.

Regular reporting

We specialise in providing a stress free fully managed relocation service with constant communications and updates.

What values do we demonstrate with every business relocation project?

Every last detail handled for you

Delicate Equipment Transfer

We’ve got access to the equipment and the expertise move delicate or sensitive items.

Space Allocation

Working closely with you to plan and create the environment that you require.

Destination Services

Taking the hassle out of identifying relocation destinations.


Specialist Considerations

Accounting for the additional safety or logistical considerations of your move.

IT and Network Installation

Getting you connected by installing your new network and transferring your devices.

Budget Control

Working strictly within your budget through regular monitoring and reporting.

Machinery Transfer

Removing, transporting and then reinstalling your machinery and equipment.

Facility Planning

The planning and installing of facilities that are essential for your business operations.


Providing advice and guidance around how to achieve your relocation goals.